Shortcodes: PrettyPhoto

PrettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also support for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. It’s a full blown media lightbox.

prettyPhoto for Text

Open image with prettyPhoto

[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/2.jpg"]
Open image in prettyPhoto

Button prettyPhoto

Open image in prettyPhoto

[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/3.jpg"]
[button link="#"]Open image in prettyPhoto[/button]

prettyPhoto for elements:

[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/4.jpg"]


Image Gallery with prettyPhoto


[prettyPhoto_gallery id="gal_1"]
[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image 1" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/2.jpg"][/prettyPhoto]

[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image 2" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/2.jpg"][/prettyPhoto]

[prettyPhoto title="Title of Image 3" href="wp-content/themes/cafe-lounge/images/temp/2.jpg"][/prettyPhoto]


YouTube and Vimeo video in Lightbox

YouTube Vieo   Vimeo Video

[prettyPhoto href="" title="YouTube Video"]
YouTube Vieo

[prettyPhoto href="" title="Vimeo Video"]
Vimeo Video

prettyPhoto open in iframe in iframe   CNN in iframe

[prettyPhoto href="" title="Google in Frame"]
[button link="#" style="btn_red"] in iframe[/button]

[prettyPhoto href="" title="Facebook in Frame"]
[button link="#" style="btn_blue"]CNN in iframe[/button]


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